Launch Jerry's Brain!

New: I'm launching a vlog/thing called Inside Jerry's Brain! Come take a look.

My Brain was on NPR! (with me, of course)

Imagine if you had all the things worth remembering over the past 21 years, some 374,000 items, all curated in one giant mind map.

I have that.

You can use it.

This site offers some explanations and links. Enjoy!

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Launch Jerry's Brain on the Web.

Get the iOS app for your iPad (not enough screen on iPhones)

Caveat: the data you'll see is about a year out of date. This'll be true until TheBrain Server 9 is ready for prime time, at which time this note will disappear. That's all up to TheBrain's coders; I didn't create this app, though I'm grateful for it.

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Who's this Jerry guy?

Good starting points in his Brain:

Email Jerry with something to fix or add.

That just got you interested? Here are a couple more talks about my Brain. Consider these the 201, 202, etc. classes.

Happy Braining!